While pulling back the curtain on the airline industry is too much for any one article (or book or television miniseries...), we can certainly take this issue on one step at a time. It's always worth learning a little more after all. In that spirit, thanks to data from 1010Data, here are 5 things you may not have known about how consumers fly.

Most People Fly Just One Airline

Sixty-seven percent of people fly just one airline, according to Seidman and 1010Data's research.

The Average Flier Books Two Months in Advance

45 days to be precise.

A Quarter of Fliers Book Less Than Two Weeks in Advance

Roughly half of business travelers book their trip less than 14 days in advance. This is a huge section of the market, so perhaps it's simply more surprising that only a quarter of fliers book two weeks ahead.

The Most Popular Airline for Extras: Southwest

On Southwest a whopping 18 percent of travelers purchase extras like food, drinks and early boarding passes.

American Flies the Last-Minute Skies

Every single month of the year, it has the lowest average days between booking and flying.

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