Every month Jim Cramer holds a conference call exclusively for members of Action Alerts Plus.

During the call he explored areas of the market to find growth right now.

"What areas do you view as having the best growth opportunities in next three months? Here we go. Let's go back to the ones I would say that when we look at what we've got, Comcast (CMCSA - Get Report) -- which reports tomorrow -- Danaher (DHR - Get Report) , I think that Google even though I have said that it could go down instantly when it reports that you want to buy. Those all make sense. Southwest (LUV - Get Report) reports tomorrow -- I think [if] that goes back to $55 and you would do it. Those all fit the bill. You know, I guess they just mentioned the Snap-On (SNA - Get Report) article. I got to work on that, but that's -- they just reported, that -- that could be an opportunity, because I think I'm going to have to work to refute that. I'll be in touch with the company. All right. Those those will work for me."

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