Having healthy savings habits and the right accounts can go a long way toward building your nest egg. Take advantage of high-yield savings accounts. When the Fed increases the prime rate, the high-yield rate will also rise. Banks will lend more money, which means they'll offer high-interest yields to get consumers to deposit more. Use a credit union or online focused bank. You can find higher rates at banks that don't have to pay a lot of overhead for branch locations and ATMs. If you're having trouble start small. Add an extra $50 or 1% more of your income to savings every month. Try to budget. "The best budget is like a good diet - one you can adhere to happily every day without it feeling like sacrifice," says Sean McQuay, NerdWallet's credit and banking expert, "Finding that kind of approach to budgeting takes time and practice, but it's worth it." Finally, pay yourself first. Set up an automatic transfer to your savings every month and take full advantage of your 401k plan.

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