Nebraska is the rated highest among states for housing affordability. Vermont offers a good employment landscape for under-35 home buyers. Access to credit makes Wyoming high among the "easy" states for new homebuyers. The job market for young adults in South Dakota is the second-highest ranking in the Bankrate study. North Dakota ranks highest for job opportunities for the under-35 set.

Missouri state scores high in all key home buying categories, including job climate, homeownership rates for Millennials and credit availability. Another strong "across the board" state, Kansas ranks high in housing affordability and job climate for younger homebuyers.

Minnesota grades highest in homeownership among Millennials, according to Bankrate. Utah rates near the top of the list for job opportunities for under-35 Americans. Both high housing affordability and job opportunities for younger home buyers push Iowa to the top of Bankrate's list for the easiest states for new homebuyers.

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This article was written by a staff member of TheStreet.