New Jersey-born celebrity chef David Burke has kept himself current by reinventing our favorite foods. From serving bacon on a clothesline with scissors to his signature Gourmet cheesecake pops, he has earned the title of "Culinary Prankster" and simultaneously figured out the secret to longevity in the restaurant business.

He has open and closed about 20 restaurants, has two cookbooks, won numerous awards and the James Beard Foundation inducted him into the "Who's Who of Food & Beverage in America" in May 2009. And when he's not cooking, he donates his time to Table to Table of New Jersey.

He recently teamed up with ESquared Hospitality and opened BLT Prime by David Burke in the Trump International Hotel in Washington D.C.

And in October 2016, he opened Tavern 62 by David Burke in NYC. And that's where we caught up with him and got to taste the bacon.


  • He received a patent to use pink Himalayan salt to dry-age steaks
  • He is launching a line of BBQ sauces.
  • He was on the short list for White House chef

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