In six months, your child will most probably not be playing with that toy you bought for Christmas. Maybe not even in six days.

That's why you may be better off giving kids the gift of college. 

"Everyone wants their children and grandchildren to get an affordable education," said Wayne Weber, CEO of Gift of College. "Through, friends and relatives now have an option to contribute to a 529 savings or help pay down a student loan account without being asked.", a registry for online gifts to 529 college savings plans and student loan accounts, offers plastic 529 gift cards available at Toys "R" Us and Babies "R" Us retail stores. Shoppers are be able to buy them at checkout counters and elsewhere in the stores in fixed amounts of $25 or $50, or in variable amounts of up to $500. 

"Every dollar you save is more than $1 you are not going to have to borrow," said Weber. "And regardless of how much you save, a child is seven times more likely going to attend college knowing there is an account set up for it."