Diageo (DEO) says the great thing about the holidays is that consumers tend to mix it up and not stick to one signature beverage during the season. Diageo's President of North America Deirdre Mahlan says there are two groups of spirits that are performing well right now: whiskeys and tequilas. Mahlan says the whiskey trend in the U.S. is good for all types of whiskeys. Diageo has the Johnnie Walker, Buchanan's and Crown Royal brands in its' portfolio. Mahlan says, "we've been focused on making sure we have the right brands and the right price." She says the company is seeing good improvements in the underlying performance of Captain Morgan and Smirnoff. One surprise: consumers appear to really love the latest Crown Royal flavor. "What we're seeing is very strong is the new Crown Royal variant, Crown Royal Vanilla which is resonating really well with our counsumers, says Mahlan.