The election of Donald Trump could lead markets to a year-end rally but will also likely add to volatility of global markets because of anti-establishment sentiment in Europe. CMC Markets Chief Markets Analyst Jochen Stanzl in Frankfurt says, "the short sellers are out of the market, longs could enter the market and there could be a year-end rally." Expectations for liftoff by the Federal Reserve in December have been cut in half. Stanzl says, "dollar weakness has to do with the delayed expectations regarding the fed rate hike. Traders now see a 42% chance of a December rate hike." In Europe, the anti-establishment vote in the U.S. could help outsiders in The Netherlands, Germany and France gain steam into 2017. Stanzl says, "there could be more volatility because of that uncertainty." TheStreet's Ruben Ramirez has details from Wall Street.