Novan's (NOVN - Get Report) stock is trading at nearly double last month's $11 IPO price and with a pair of Phase III trials coming up for its dermatological drug, CEO Nate Stasko says the company is merely piercing the skin of its long-term potential. Stasko estimated between 40 and 50 million Americans suffer from acne vulgaris and can be helped by his nitric oxide-based treatment. Nitric oxide is made in the skin by almost every cell type. It has a natural role in barrier repair, wound healing, host defense against invading microbes, and as a modulator of inflammatory processes. But in many chronic inflammatory skin diseases and in skin infections, the body's systems fail and require a boost of nitric oxide to 'reprogram' the system or kill bacteria, viruses, or fungi. Novan's two, identically designed Phase 3 pivotal clinical trials will evaluate the efficacy and safety of topical nitric oxide-releasing product candidate SB204 Gel in the treatment of acne vulgaris. These two trials aim to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of SB204 in over 2600 patients with acne vulgaris.