Investors can use the Marine Corps way to win on Wall Street, and they don't have to go through basic training on Quantico to do it, said Ken Marlin, author of 'The Marine Corps Way to Win on Wall Street'. 'Marines are trained to operate independently without having to rely on support from other services and I do think that trains Marine leaders to think in a way that perhaps not all people are taught,' said Marlin. Despite the increase of computer-driven decision making on Wall Street, Marlin said the majority of decisions are still made by humans and he warns that the 'consequences of bad-decision making processes in business can be quite dire, and in some cases nearly as consequential as bad decisions in combat.' Regarding the nation's current decision as to the next Commander-in-Chief, Marlin said he is not excited about either choice. However, he is begrudgingly voting for Hillary Clinton due to his wariness over Donald Trump's leadership abilities.