The biggest challenge to ovarian cancer diagnostic care is awareness, according to Valerie Palimeri, CEO of Vermillion (VRML - Get Report) . TheStreet caught up with Palimeri and two of the company's spokespeople, Olympic gold medalist Shannon Miller and cancer activist Sherry Pollex. Palimeri says, 'It is the only female disease where the majority of the cancer is discovered late stage and at that point, within five years, 80 percent of the women do not survive.' Vermillion makes the Ova1 blood test that helps doctors determine a woman's risk to malignancy. Palimeri says more women should be asking their doctor for the test if they experience what they refer to as any of the BEAT symptoms which include bloating, eating/feeling full, abdominal pain, trouble with their bladder. The UK has the highest mortality rate of any developed country worldwide. Palimeri says if women feel any of the BEAT symptoms they should discuss having the test done with their doctors. TheStreet's Ruben Ramirez has details from the Nasdaq Marketsite.