A small brewery nestled inside the remote garden island of Kauai, a smaller island in the Hawaiian island chain, has been rapidly expanding over the last three years. The Kauai Beer Company, founded by brewer Jim Gerber, has seen its sales jump because of its organic business practices. The Kauai Beer company expanded its business carefully and methodically avoiding many of the pitfalls that larger restaurants and breweries such as incurring a heavy debt burden, rapid over extended expansion and opening as a fully matured business while still developing its revenue streams. While mega mergers like AB InBev (BUD) and SABMiller (SAB) continue to consolidate brands to form an unprecedented multinational adult beverage conglomerate, small breweries and businesses like the Kauai Beer Company show that there is potential for growth and expansion in an already crowded space.

This article was written by a staff member of TheStreet.