One of the newest entrants to this year's Fortune 500 list didn't even exist two years ago and is one of the few companies run by a female CEO. Veritiv Corp. (VRTV - Get Report) , with $8.7-billion in revenue, was ranked 323 on the list of America's largest companies. Veritiv was formed in July 2014, following the merger of International Paper's xpedx distribution business and Unisource Worldwide. 'We're about halfway through our integration, so we still have a significant amount of work to do in terms of systems and technology. That's right ahead of us over the course of the next twelve to twenty-four months,' explained Mary Laschinger, CEO of Veritiv. 'Certainly there were cultural differences, but we're bringing that together by building a new culture based on our values for the company as we go forward.' Laschinger is managing the combined company through an interesting period. In the latest quarter, net sales declined six percent due in part to what she described as 'continued structural decline in the paper industry. 'There's no question that a portion of our business, fortunately it's a smaller portion of earnings, is in structural decline due to technology changes,' explained Laschinger. 'The way you have to manage that is, you have to be better than your competition  and you've got to be constantly right sizing the business for where demand is taking you.'