Franklin Templeton (BEN - Get Report) is taking its international investing expertise into the strategic beta exchange traded fund (ETF) arena. Franklin Templeton rolled out its new LibertyShares line of ETFs today with the launch of four strategic beta ETFs under the LibertyQ moniker. The four fund suite includes three multi-factor core portfolio funds and one that focuses on stocks with high and persistent dividend income. Franklin Templeton's strategic beta ETFs use the company's proprietary LibertyQ indices1, which employ a research-driven approach in customizing their factor weightings. The multi-factor LibertyQ indices1 are constructed with four factors - quality, value, momentum and low volatility - which together are designed to seek lower volatility and higher risk-adjusted returns over the long term versus relevant cap-weighted benchmarks. 'It's really our taking an active approach to the ETF space,' said David Mann, head of global ETFs Capital Markets at Franklin Templeton (BEN). 'We've had lots of conversations with our clients and they are really looking for our enhanced risk adjusted strategies, but in an ETF wrapper.' The Franklin LibertyQ Global Equity ETF (FLQG - Get Report) tracks the LibertyQ Global Equity Index, which offers global equity exposure and seeks to achieve higher risk-adjusted returns than the MSCI ACWI Index.