If you ever dreamed about living like a rich mobster, now's your chance. The New Jersey home of a former wise guy is being auctioned off by New York auction house Guernsey's, which is accepting bids for an eight thousand square foot palatial Fort Lee, New Jersey estate, located high on a hill with stunning views of the Manhattan skyline. The views are almost as amazing as the home's history. It was built in the late 1940's for the notorious gangster, Albert Anastasia, who lived there for many years. 'Mr. Anastasia not only had all the money in the world to build what he wanted, he was also known as the kingpin of the mob. Number one on the bad guys list,' explained Arlan Ettinger, President of Guernsey's 'About ten years later in 1957, he himself while getting a haircut in New York City in a barber shop was rubbed out.  Gangland style. Shot in the barber chair.' According to an article in the New York Daily News written after his murder, Anastasia was a Cosa Nostra mobster who was known as 'Lord High Executioner of the old Murder Inc. mob.' Guernsey's will hold its auction on June 8th. TheStreet's Rhonda Schaffler has details from Fort Lee, New Jersey.