The yellow metal has been shining so far in 2016, rising 16% compared to a flat S&P 500. Steve Blumenthal, CEO of CMG Capital Management Group, does not expect gold to lose its luster anytime soon. 'We view gold as a hedge against the irresponsibility of central banks,' said Blumenthal, adding that it is in a 'cyclical bull trend.' Blumenthal has a 5% gold weighting within CMG's total portfolio solution, owning the Van Eck Merck Gold ETF (OUNZ) . He said he could take that position up to 10% considering the precious metal's momentum. He is also bullish on the SPDR Dow Jones REIT ETF (RWR) , which is up 3% so far this year thanks in large part to increasingly dovish talk by the Federal Reserve. Blumenthal admits that a more hawkish sounding Fed could hit REIT prices. For the time being, however, he said the sector has momentum.