Manitowoc Foodservice (MFS) finally started trading as a standalone company Friday after being separated from the crane-making company. Hubertus Muehlhaeuser, CEO of Manitowoc Foodservice (MFS), said operating as a pure play will benefit employees, investors and the activists that pushed for the spinoff. 'The global food service equipment industry is a 20% plus margin business and we have a runway of 1,000 basis points in our operating margins to catch up with our competitors,' said Muehlhaeuser. 'We know what we want to do and we can do this now as a publicly traded independent company.' Activist investor Ralph Whitworth of Relational Investors and Carl Icahn led the charge for the foodservices business to operate and trade under its own name. Muehlhaeuser said the activists will maintain their voice at the company through a spot on the board.