Bull or bear market, up or down economy, people will always drink wine, said Joe Carr, founder of winemaker Josh Cellars. “Super luxury brands might suffer a bit, but for the most part people are always going to keep drinking wine,” said Carr. Josh Cellars is the fastest growing wine brand over $10 a bottle and was named Market Watch magazine’s 2015 “Wine Brand of the Year”. Carr was a world-class sommelier before starting the family-owned wine company in 2007 as a tribute to his late father. He sold his first thousand cases in New England in 2009 out of the trunk of his car. “People realized it’s an authentic story, and how it’s a tribute to my dad,” said Carr. “It’s a very competitive landscape out there so you have to keep knocking on doors.” Carr has built the brand working with partner-growers and sourcing grapes from vineyards across the Napa Valley, Sonoma Valley, Mendocino County, and the Central Coast of California.