U.S. stocks opened Tuesday’s session to the upside after a long holiday weekend as oil prices rallied. Four oil producing countries – Saudi Arabia, Russia, Qatar and Venezuela – agreed to maintain oil production at January’s levels. Though experts say that's not enough to lift prices over the long-term. Spencer Welch, an oil analyst at IHS in London said this could set the stage for a production cut down the road, but such a development is unlikely. Meanwhile, Restaurant Brands International (QSR) , the parent of Burger King, posted better than expected profit as same store sales at the fast food chain rose almost 4% during fourth quarter, boosted by chicken fries sales. Plus, U.S. airlines start bidding on Tuesday for flight slots to Cuba. As diplomatic tensions between the U.S. and Cuba thaw, an agreement made back in December allows for 110 daily round trip flights to and from Cuba. TheStreet’s Scott Gamm reports from Wall Street.