REIT prices slowly sank over the course of 2015 as the market worried about the impact of potential Federal Reserve rate hikes. Marc Halle, managing director at Prudential Real Estate Investors, said the sector was in better shape last year than investors realized and continues to be attractive. 'Returns were flat to down last year versus the private market, where we saw core real estate up around 15% and that has persisted for a couple years,' said Halle. 'Remember that the private real estate market is about 90% of the world while public is only about 10%.' Halle said he sees a good year for REIT returns in 2016, as well as a more stable market, especially compared to the volatility seen after the so-called “taper tantrum” of May 2013. At that time, the mere mention by Fed chief Ben Bernanke of his plans to reduce his bond-buying and let interest rates drift slightly higher sent the REIT market into a tailspin.

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