GM (GM) announced Monday it would put $500 million into Lyft’s latest $1 billion fund-raising round. Efraim Levy, analyst at S&P Capital IQ, said GM’s investment in the ride-sharing service is not the only positive thing the automaker has going for it.'Lyft has the app so when somebody wants to order a Lyft, they know how to get it,' said Levy. 'GM knows how to manufacture the vehicles that can be used to partner with Lyft. I think together there is a strategic benefit for both companies considering the way the auto industry is heading.' Shares of GM fell 2 percent in 2015, while shares of Ford (F) dropped 8 percent for the year despite strong North American sales. Levy is bullish on Ford, saying the automaker was hurt by the strong U.S. dollar last year, as well as weakness in certain overseas markets.