Shares of Power Integrations (POWI) are flat so far this year, but the advance of so-called rapid charge for cell phone batteries will juice up the integrated circuit-seller in the coming year, said Sam Dedio, portfolio manager at Patrumin Investors. 'It’s great for them because it’s a product cycle for them and they get to charge higher ASPs,' said Dedio. 'We’ll see the inventories rebalance again so that’s great for revenues, earnings growth and also margins so they get operating leverage on the business as well.' Dedio, who previously served as the head of U.S. equities at Artio Global Management, is also positive on shares of Ryder System (R), which have dropped over 27% year-to-date. While there is growing worry that a slowdown in global trade will drag U.S. transport stocks down even further, Dedio said he expects trade to pick up and Ryder’s stock to rebound.