The doom-and-gloom narrative that characterizes most analyzes of Gen Y is quite a contrast to the findings of BlackRock's 2015 Annual Global Investor Survey that presents Millennials as the most financially confident cohort. BlackRock Managing Director Hollie Fagan noted that the generation feels a certain youthful exuberance: 65% of Millennials feel positive about their financial future, and 48% say that investing is for people like them. Having survived the Great Recession and eyeing a long time-horizon ahead of them, Millennials brandish a prudent and proactive sensibility to stay on top of their finances and plan for the future. Some of that confidence may come from the level of oversight they have on their money: 34% currently see a financial advisor, a greater proportion than Gen X-ers and Baby Boomers. Some 58% of Millennials express interest in robo-advisors. Of course, despite the confidence, this demographic does have some apprehension regarding retirement, particularly with regard to socking away sufficient savings to last the duration of post-work life.