TheStreet’s Jim Cramer answers viewer questions from social media on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Investors want to know if USG (USG) has bottomed out after an almost 13 percent drop in the last 4 weeks. The construction company is not a favorite with TheStreet’s Jim Cramer; ‘I don’t care for USG,’ he said. ‘If you like housing just buy Home Depot (HD).’ Whirlpool (WHR), Cramer noted, is taking a hard hit from its Brazil exposure, despite strong housing sales in the U.S. Analysts have reconsidered their estimates in light of currency headwinds and the weak Brazilian performance coming up to earnings. Another hot topic on the stock exchange floor was Facebook (FB). Should investors hold or take their profits? ‘If I were a trader at my old hedge fund, which I am not, I would be selling some to buy it back,’ said Cramer. ‘We don’t do that for Action Alerts PLUS though, we just own it,’ he added. The social network is angling to take a bigger bite of its users’ digital interaction, testing a shopping feature for in-app retail. The move would allow Facebook's news feed to double as a storefront. As for less established tech names like Zillow (Z), Cramer was not so enthusiastic. ‘What’s up with Zillow? It’s been all over the map,’ he said. You can send questions to Jim Cramer on his Facebook page or follow him on Twitter @JimCramer and send questions using #CramerQ.