Bebe Stores (BEBE) is looking overseas to China on a hunt to find a broader customer base. Company CEO Jim Wiggett says one-third of the apparel retailer’s customers in the U.S. are Asian. He sees this expansion into the Chinese market a natural fit, and sees high potential. Despite the recent, disruption in the Chinese economic market, Wiggett insists on taking a long term view. ‘There is a customer there. She has good taste. She is looking for a unique American-branded product and we have that,’ he added. Bebe’s newest ‘Be Iconic’ collection is for the woman who is confident, has a little personality and likes to be seen. Wiggett believes that women are now moving away from wanting to look alike, which is called the herding effect. Bebe is going after the modern female buyer who wants a unique, authentic look for themselves. Looking ahead, the company will try to tap into their second largest demographic, the Latina markets. And with New York Fashion Week kicking off, Wiggett revealed some notes about the store's fall and holiday collection. TheStreet's Kurumi Fukushima reports in New York.