Beaches may be more crowded than usual this August, as more parents postpone their back-to-school shopping. According to a recent survey from Deloitte, 31% of parents will wait until the school year has already begun to finish checking items off their shopping list. Discounts and sales may be less of a driver this year, with a reported 14% decrease in coupon clipping since 2011. A majority of parents (80%) will turn to their smartphones to research products and deals before heading to the stores. Good deals can be found, and parents should continue to look for ways to save on whatever supplies they are planning to buy. Parents need to be sharp by homing in on price matching apps like RedLaser, Walmart’s Saving Catcher and the Amazon app. Playing the calendar right is also a must: retailers offer sales on particular products during specific weeks — pens and pencils one week, notebooks and folders the next. By staggering their shopping accordingly, consumers can net huge savings. And before your kids continue their learning at school, don’t forget to give them an education in personal finance by delegating a shopping list to them with a specified budget. You will be teaching them financial literacy and allowing them to understand the value of their new gear and supplies.