Jim Cramer answers viewers' Twitter questions from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Cramer starts his Twitter questions with Alibaba (BABA). Cramer opens by saying that he believes the consumer in China is hurting but for people looking to invest in Alibaba, they should do so through Yahoo! (YHOO). ‘I’ve always been saying the whole way that you should own Yahoo! as a play on Alibaba because the stub of Yahoo! is worth a lot more than it is trading,’ Cramer said. One Twitter follower has fears of Netflix’s (NFLX) peak to which Cramer responds, ‘if you’re ever scared of owning a stock I am going to tell you to sell some.’ He says the reason he suggests this is because of ‘suitability,’ explaining that ‘the day Netflix will be down will be the day that you sell it’ and that he would like to avoid this. The Twitter follower also asked if he should switch from Netflix to Apple (AAPL). Cramer reiterated his position that ‘Apple is an own, not trade’ but says that he doesn’t think that Apple is going to ‘roar’ because it is too heavily exposed to its cell phone business. Despite this, he still believes Apple ‘is a great thing to own.’ He adds that if Apple shares drop down below ‘the technical breakdowns’ at $118 to $119 that he would ‘really start pounding the table.’ If you have a stock question, make sure to tweet it @jimcramer using #CramerQ.