Jim Cramer answers viewers' Twitter questions from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Cramer’s first question was on Facebook (FB) and the new video service coming to the social media giant. Cramer said that in the Facebook conference call they spoke very highly of the new video service as well as the 3-D video, which Cramer says will be coming in 2016. However, Cramer says that ‘the important thing you need to know about Facebook is that it ran up tremendously ahead of the quarter’ and that ‘last time it did that the stock dropped 8%.’ Cramer predicts that this is what Facebook shares will do again and suggests that investors should buy it after the 8% drop. One viewer asks if Microsoft (MSFT) is the new Apple (AAPL) but Cramer says that it is ‘a hard call’ because ‘we don’t really know what Satya Nadella is going to do.’ Cramer says that if Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft, can get to $18 billion in cloud revenue in a couple of years, ‘then you’re really going to want to own Microsoft right now.’ On being asked about NXP Semiconductors (NXPI), Cramer said that ‘they did much better because they had Near Field Communications, which is payments, and they also have auto’ but also because they are much less cell phone driven than the other semiconductor companies. If you have a stock question, make sure to tweet it @jimcramer using #CramerQ.