Jim Cramer answers viewers' Twitter (TWTR) questions from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Google (GOOG), Facebook (FB), Netflix (NFLX), and Apple (AAPL) are popular stocks that have all have had huge runs. One viewer asks Cramer what to do about these stocks if it isn’t already in one’s portfolio. Cramer responds with an old rule from his trading days: ‘you’ve missed these, now you have to wait. That’s the penalty you have to pay.’ Cramer says that ‘you had to buy them when nobody wanted them’ and says that investors cannot buy them now just because they’re doing well. On being asked what Verizon’s (VZ) earnings means for AT&T (ATT), Cramer opened by relating AT&T shares to a bond with a 5% yield and says that he thinks the company’s balance sheet is improving. But Cramer says that what the Verizon earnings will show is actually ‘that T-Mobile is beginning to really impact pricing.’ Switching into questions on commodities, Cramer owns the fact that he was early on oil in and that he was wrong about the bottom but ‘that’s just sometimes what happens.’ Moving to gold, Cramer was asked about DUST, the gold miners bear ETF. Cramer said that the gold ETF was an ‘interesting idea’ but that he does not like the gold stocks, ‘with the exception of Rangold (ADR).’ Cramer tells investors, ‘if you want to fool around with one of these ETFs, be my guest’ but goes on to say that he has never recommended them and that he doesn’t think they should not have even been invented. If you have a stock question, tweet it @jimcramer using #CramerQ.