Jim Cramer answers viewer’s Twitter (TWTR) questions from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Cramer began answering tweets about the outages at the NYSE yesterday at 11:32am that halted all securities trading on the exchange. When asked why there is no talk about any of the servers and routers that make up the NYSE, Cramer said that it was because ‘this place isn’t as important as it used to be.’ Cramer was very much for NYSE President Thomas Farley’s statement that trading would not reopen on the NYSE until they were sure that they had found the problem that caused the freeze. Cramer thought that this was the right choice because there were plenty of other exchanges that traders and investors could route their orders to. Redhat (RHT) is the company that supplies most of the software and Cramer says, ‘Redhat is really the best there is’ and ‘everyone uses Redhat’ which is why Cramer finds it hard to pin them down for the freeze. Switching gears, Cramer answered a question on Walmart (WMT), saying that he thinks ‘Walmart has bottomed,’ similarly to McDonalds (MCD) but that he prefers Costco (COST). Cramer says that the problem with a stock that has bottomed is that ‘it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to go up.’ Cramer says that when he sees Walmart has stopped going down, it instead makes him ‘want to go buy an Ulta (ULTA),’ the salon and fragrance company, or a Kroeger (KR), the coffee company, because Cramer likes stocks ‘with the fastest growth; not the slowest growth.’ If you have a stock question, tweet it @jimcramer using #CramerQ.