Jim Cramer answers viewers' Twitter (TWTR) questions from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. He weighs in on Apple (AAPL), Alcoa (AA), Walgreens (WBA), Disney (DIS) and more. On being asked what needs to happen to get the market back on track, Cramer has a lot on his checklist required before it can occur. First, Cramer said, ‘you’re going to have to see the FXE… go over $110.’ He then said, ‘we’re going to have to see some bottom in China’ adding that ‘we have to see those stocks float a little more’ given that sales of many Chinese stocks have been halted due to their recent drop in prices. Cramer says ‘we have to see interest rates go under two…because that will tell the Fed, ‘please don’t raise!’ and Cramer thinks this is something that the Fed will listen to. Cramer also wants to see good Alcoa numbers, but he doesn’t think this will happen, and good Walgreens numbers as well. These are the reasons why Cramer tells investors to continue to expect volatility. When asked to compare Disney and Apple, Cramer says to wait for a decline on Disney, but ‘longer term, Disney is great.’ As to Apple, Cramer said, ‘you’re going to get a decline on Apple because 29% of their business is in China’ and says that people are going to cut Apple because of this. Cramer says ‘own Apple, don’t trade it’ despite the declining Apple Watch sales. Cramer likes Apple under $120 and Disney under $110. If you have a stock question, tweet it @jimcramer using #CramerQ.