Kush sells approximately one million marijuana bottles a month and things are going so well that the company is planning for an IPO. While that seems like a lot, Kush CEO Nick Kovacevich wants to take the company even higher. 'Our bottle is a little bit cooler, a little bit different which is what this industry wants and that’s not to be associated with the pharmaceutical industry,' said Kovacevich. Kovacevich and a pair of buddies founded Kush in December 2010 after witnessing the rapid growth of the medical marijuana industry in Southern California. The company quickly expanded, becoming the nation's largest wholesale distributor of child safe, medical grade containers for the legal and medical herb industries. Kush’s portfolio includes not only its flagship Philips Rx Pop Top vial, but prescription bags, labels, and a variety of accessories as well. Kush Bottles, which are made domestically with FDA-approved materials, pass requirements for child safety as set forth by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Kovacevic said Kush meets all requirements and regulations for packaging in every state with a legal herb program. There are now 23 states where medical marijuana is legal, as well as Washington D.C.