For investors who want in on the cannabis space, one investment firm will hold the first ever cannabis investment seminar. Scott Greiper, president of Viridian Capital, the investment firm hosting the seminar on June 18 at New York City’s Javits Center, said there’s tremendous upside in the space, but retail investors still need to be careful. ‘Do a little bit more diligence than you might on other sectors,’ he said. ‘There are risks that are very specific to this industry.’ Greiper likes the lighting sector within the cannabis space. These are companies that help the marijuana plant grow. ‘A company we like in the sector is called Heliospectra (HLSPY),’ Greiper added, noting that the company is a client. ‘They’ve developed a patented technology that can read how the plant absorbs different spectra of the light so they can actually control the rate of growth.’ He also sees opportunities in the biotech side. ‘In the marijuana space, biotech is very significant,’ he said, linking biotech to where pharmaceuticals were thirty years ago. ‘CannapharmaRx (CPMD), another one of our clients, is a company we think is developing a very interesting positioning in the industry.’ For investors who are wary about investing in the cannabis space, there are opportunities in companies that are peripherally related to cannabis.