Jim Cramer answers viewers' Twitter (TWTR) questions from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Jim says Wells Fargo (WFC) is a financial stock to own because it has the most leverage to higher rates, and has been doing incredibly well. Wells Fargo is a core holding in Jim’s Action Alerts PLUS charitable trust portfolio. Jim added that investors should stick with Wells over U.S. Bancorp (USB), even though U.S. Bancorp is well-managed. Jim was asked about Synchrony Financial (SYF), a spin-off of General Electric. A viewer of TheStreet TV who bought Synchrony Financial in the mid-20s wanted Jim’s opinion of whether to hold or sell his shares at current levels. Jim said the investor should continue to hold the stock. On Fannie Mae (FNMA), Jim said he’s ignored that stock because the U.S. Treasury Department says its worthless. Jim said overall, financials will continue to run higher until the Federal Reserve raises rates. He added after the rate hike, banks will start thinking about lending growth again, provided regulators ‘take their boot off the jugular of the banks.’