Investors in Immersion have enjoyed the magic touch of late with shares of the touch-technology provider up over 45% in the past 3 months. Immersion CEO Victor Viegas said the hot streak in so-called 'haptics' is just getting started. 'Technology adoption is accelerating and as we move into this digital world we lose our sense of touch. Immersion is focused on allowing you to reach in and feel that digital world,' said Viegas. 'And as a result we’ve had a lot of accelerating business interests, new agreements struck that generate significant revenue from licensing our IP, our technology and solutions, so it’s a good time for Immersion.' Immersion’s technologies are now in 3 billion devices worldwide including smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, smartwatches, cars and medical equipment. Mobile phone manufacturers that have adopted Immersion’s technology include Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, Huawei, Motorola, Meizu and HTC, which settled a long-running patent infringement suit Immersion for undisclosed sum in March. As for the future, Viegas said wearables will be a massive market for haptics going forward. 'The wearable market for us is going to be very big, it’s how we are going to operate in augmented reality, virtual reality and a number of new areas in the internet of things.'