Deutsche Telekom's T-Mobile (TMUS) is reportedly in talks to merge with Dish Network (DISH). In May, Deutsche Telekom acknowledged it would consider any partner for T-Mobile that would improve its profitability. Andrew Bulkeley, correspondent for The Deal, explains that Dish may make the most appropriate partner. Bulkeley says Dish needs a phone company to get their content out to their customers anywhere anytime, while T-Mobile needs more frequencies, something Dish just bought in January. Being as rumors of a potential deal between the two companies have circulated for about a year, Bulkeley says it may be more likely to happen now after the AT&T (T) and DirecTV (DTV) deal. He explains that there's momentum in the market right now as other TV companies are looking for phone companies to buy. Bulkeley says if a deal doesn't happen with Dish, he's sure another company will be along shortly.