TheStreet's Jim Cramer answers your Twitter questions about Blackstone (BX), Twitter (TWTR), and other stocks from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Jim said Blackstone is a buy at these levels and he's been recommending it for some time because it has good yield as well as a lot of assets that it could sell. He says the stock has a lot of momentum and the company has been doing a lot of smart things. Jim was asked his views on Linn Energy (LINE) and said the stock is 'too dangerous.' He said he likes companies that are boosting their output and they are not doing that. Jim was asked whether Twitter is a buy at its current level, and he replied that it's a stock his charitable trust owns because once they figure out how to monetize it then the stock will go higher. He was also asked what to stock to buy a high school student who is graduating if you had $1,000 to spend. Jim said if you are that age, you want to buy a stock like a Netflix (NFLX), adding you want to buy stuff that kids use. He said as a teenager they might not be as interested in a stock like Disney (DIS) which is a good one to buy when they are younger.