With Mad Men coming to an end, we decided to check TheStreet Ratings for advertising companies that could be good investments. The U.S. remains the leader in the global advertising market. It is projected that marketers in the U.S. will spend close to $200 billion on advertisements next year. That will be almost 32% of the worldwide ad market. The advertising market is a growing industry. The U.S. had a 4.5% growth in advertising expenditure in 2014, and projected to have a 4.6% increase in 2015, and 4.7% in 2016. The last presidential election was the most ever spent on advertisements, with $6 billion. The 2012 election spent $700 million more than the 2008 presidential election, which at the time was the 'most expensive election' to date. So it's a safe bet that the upcoming 2016 presidential election will pass the $6 billion mark. TheStreet's Jon Kostakopoulos reports from New York.