An influx of Greek yogurt into supermarket aisles from General Mills and Dannon has sent execs at category king Chobani off to find new ways for people to consume its brand. Their solution to the new competition: a barrage of new Greek yogurt based products that meet different consumer needs. Over the next several weeks, supermarket shelves will see things like 'Peanut Butter Dream,' which is Chobani's take on a Reese's peanut butter cup, and 'Strawberry Summer Crisp,' a flavor that resembles a bite into a strawberry shortcake. As for Chobani's new oats platform, it will gain seven new products, headlined by an oatmeal inspired brown sugar raisin flavor. The products will sport updated packaging that emphasizes health claims. Meanwhile, as Chobani is trying to thwart competitors on Walmart shelves, it could be itching for a fight with coffee giant Starbucks by opening retail stores. TheStreet’s Brian Sozzi sits down with Chobani’s CMO Peter McGuinness at the company’s New York City cafe to discuss its plans to stay one step ahead of the competition.