For this summer's vacation what about a slightly off the beaten trail destination? Despite a lot of bad press this past year, Sub Saharan Africa has quietly become the fastest growing wellness tourism market in the world. So where should you be looking to find the best deals? Gabon recently signed a deal with the luxury Aman Resorts brand. The country is investing heavily in the luxury travel market and will be bringing eco-tourism hotels to the capital city and its National Parks.The Gambian coastline is a well kept secret that is slowly building its wellness brand. Leaders in the field are the Coco Ocean resort and Spa and BomBom Island resort. Both have expansive spas with traditional treatment programs and a menu of relaxing activities. Certainly worth looking into. Capetown is home to some of Africa's most award winning spas including the One & Only resort. Signature treatments from the South African region include traditional massage, exfoliation and native healing ingredients like Rooibos and Buchu plant. Subsaharan Africa does remain a destination for the adventurous but once you've committed to the airfare the actual holiday costs are low. The global wellness Institute has flagged the region as a fast developing hub of wellness innovation so it may be worth adding to the holiday shortlist.