The to buy or to rent debate rages on and for Millennials especially, renting may be a more savvy option. Here's why you aren't necessarily throwing your money away by renting. Rental properties are increasing their offerings to attract tenants. And perks like a gym, swimming pool and laundry are hard to get in your own home. As a renter you don't need to waste your time on maintenance tasks but can reap the rewards anyway. There's no guarantee you'll make a profit on the sale of your home so renting gives you a sense of freedom. You can't predict market volatility and there's always an element of gambling with your asset. Millennials value flexibility and that's exactly what renting gives you. It can take months or even years to sell a property but renting lets you up and move as the rest of your life dictates. To make a property profit you need to be committed for around 10 years. If that doesn't fit into your life plan, opt for a rental. Many apartment complexes will give you a ready made community and an added safety factor. Having a doorman and a pre-established neighborhood can be an important attraction. So don't write off renting as a waste of your cash. Being free from a mortgage can also have its upside.