Domino's Pizza is not the same as it was in 1985, 2000 or even 2010. It's a company in constant reinvention in order to stay ahead in the competitive business of selling pizza. For example, over 45% of the company’s orders are now derived from digital channels. And recently, the company launched the ability for a customer to order off its menu from a Samsung smart TV. More technological innovation is likely on the way as people gravitate towards purchasing things on smartwatches like Apple’s Apple Watch. But, in spite of the tech advancements, Domino’s still has to sell better pizza than its competitors to grow sales and feed the appetite of investors. The company is not done innovating there either, and may be looking at a broader rollout of a 'smart slice' that features whole wheat crust and lower calorie sauce. TheStreet’s Brian Sozzi sits down with Domino’s Pizza President and CEO J. Patrick Doyle to discuss the business of pizza.