The calls are growing louder in the U.S. for the legalization of marijuana. Ohio is one step closer to becoming the fifth state to legalize marijuana. A group of people in Ohio is gathering signatures to amend that state's constitution so pot can be used for medical and recreational use. If voters approve the amendment, Ohio would join Colorado, Washington state, Oregon and Alaska as states that have legalized marijuana for recreational use. Washington D.C. allows recreational use of marijuana, but it's still illegal to sell pot there. So just why is it in a state's best interest to legalize pot? For one, it's lucrative. Since Colorado legalized it, the state has reportedly generated nearly $11 million dollars from tax and licensing fees on recreational marijuana sales. So which are the next states likely to embrace marijuana reform? Let's take a look at the map and here they are: California, Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Mexico and New York. According to a recent survey by Pew Research Center, 75% of Americans believe the sale and use of marijuana will eventually be legal nationwide - that's the opinion even among people who oppose its use.