Struggling McDonald’s could learn a thing or two from the next generation of burger joints like Shake Shack, Smashburger, and Umami Burger. Shake Shack, which has divulged its plans for an IPO this year, lights grills at 61 restaurants globally each day that have a feel of an upscale local bar. California-based Umami Burger, it slings out burgers priced between $11 and $15 as well as fancy appetizers that bring the check to over $20. Smashburger, rumored to be eying an IPO of its own this year, has actual mustard and ketchup bottles on the table instead of the tiny plastic pouches found at McDonald’s. McDonald’s, on the other hand, is still known for its Big Mac, plain ole French fries and goofy marketing characters like Grimace and The Hamburglar. Brian Sozzi runs down the big differences setting the next generation of burger restaurants apart from the company that arguably put fast food on the map globally.