The best holiday gift for the beer lover in your life isn't necessarily just his beverage of choice. Here are five of the top gifts for fans of craft beer. The uKeg will make you want to kick your growler jug to the curb. Unlike typical growlers, which have a tough time keeping beer fresh and carbonated, the uKeg is insulated, with a regulator cap and a CO2 cartridge. Home brewers will fawn over The Randall 3.0, the latest version of the tap system from Dogfish Head Craft Brewery. A two-chambered tap add-on, it lets bars and brewers infuse their beer with hops, fruits and spices on one side, while sucking excess foam into the other. And, if your home brewer friend needs something new to try, consider Brooklyn Brew Shop's Hard Cider Kit, which they say is 'even easier than making beer.'