The tough economic climate is still weighing on U.S. adults. A new survey by McKinsey found that 39 percent of workers are still worried about losing their job and 40% are living from paycheck to paycheck. But rather than racking up the credit card debt, this generation of Americans is cutting spending and making a habit of thrifty living. So how are we trimming our budgets? Nearly half of those surveyed said they're eating out less and cutting spending on take away. People are cooking at home more and saving left overs for lunch. Consumers are moving towards bargain brands in the food, beverage and household goods department to save on spending. Trends show shoppers budgeting more efficiently to subsidize more expensive products like beer, wine and skin care. Increasing numbers are shopping online for money-saving deals. Grocery and drug stores are seeing a decline in spending as dollar stores and coupon shopping move back into favor. So the results show that being frugal is back in fashion. Whether it's a desire or a necessity, bargain hunting is going to be a big trend for 2015. As the McKinsey report puts it 'Cautious spending behavior is the new normal.'