Apple upgraded its MacBook Pro with Retina display releasing an updated line with faster chips and double the memory on Tuesday. Apple cut the price of its top-of-the-line 15-inch model from $2,499 to $2,599. The entry level price for the 15-inch model remained at $1,999, while the entry-level 13-inch model remained at $1,299. Appealing to photographers, videographers and gamers alike, Apple upgraded the high-resolution of the of the 13-inch and 15-inch screens with 4 million pixels and 5 million pixels per screen respectively. Apple sales of all Macs, including the desktop and laptop versions, rose 18% in the fiscal third quarter to 4.4 million units boosting revenue for Macs 13% to over $5 billion for the quarter. TheStreet's Kathryn Mykleseth,reports from New York.

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