From the floor of the CME group George Tkaczuk, Senior Portfolio Manager at RCM Wealth Advisors discusses the middle of earnings season and the equity market “under pressure uptrend”. The uptrend of the equity market is under pressure because of a build up of 5 distribution days, which is a day of heavier selling on the indexes. Tkaczuk says when there is an uptrend under pressure it is a good idea to take profits off the table and sell any losers in order to raise cash. Tkaczuk says top stocks, such as Alcoa and Intel, are going up as solid earnings reports come out. Tzakczuk says important stocks to look out for reporting today (Tuesday) are Apple and Microsoft and reporting Wednesday are Facebook and Gilead. He also says to look at biotech stocks as they recover from Yellen calling them overvalued. Investors can look towards the top stocks for market trends.¿