From the floor of the CME group Chris Robinson, Traders Exclusive Contributor talks about the continued sell-off in grains and the report that came out last Friday. Corn and wheat have lost 30% since their highs in May and beans have lost 12-13%. At some point they will be oversold and investors should take advantage of the rallies coming off of that. There are perfect growing and crop conditions right now so there is no weather story to support correction. Funds have liquidated a massive long position. They were long 160,000 contracts of beans and are now short 11-12,000. They were long on corn 250,000 bushels and are now long 85,000. There was a big correction in cotton after the USDA report was bearish in this market. Cotton has come down to $.67/$.65 from around $.85/$.86 before. If there are changes in weather or demand from China, investors might see a change in cotton because it is a very volatile market. Robinson says investors could do a counter trend trade on any of these markets but should be very careful and use stops. ¿