TheStreet's Jim Cramer says friend and former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer's $2 billion purchase of the Los Angeles Clippers is great for the team and great for Ballmer. Cramer and Ballmer are old friends from their underagraduate years at Harvard, and he says when they worked together on The Crimson, Ballmer was the most competitive person he?d ever worked with. Having lived with Ballmer and worked with him at Goldman Sachs, Cramer says Ballmer is relentless in trying to create value. Though many people feel Ballmer did not do well at Microsoft, Cramer compares his time there to other PC manufacturers and says Ballmer did just fine. Cramer thinks that for a billionaire like Ballmer, there is no better way to enjoy life than by owning a sports team. Cramer thinks that given how hard Ballmer has worked, he deserves this and Cramer thinks it will mean great things for Steve Ballmer and the LA Clippers.